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Thank you for choosing Richmond Community Schools

Richmond Community Schools provides a quality education that empowers students to be successful in a global community.  In other words, Richmond Community Schools is committed to students graduating as fully functioning adults, ready to participate in a global economy and ready to take on the challenges that will confront them.

Richmond Community Schools are comprehensive in their offerings to meet the needs of every student.  From advance placement courses to targeted intervention classes, Richmond Community Schools has what every student needs.

Richmond Community Schools' focus is on Guaranteeing Learning For all Students!  The continuous school improvement process is organized around the concepts and principles of a Professional Learning Community (PLC), where student achievement is our #1 focus.

Richmond Community Schools encompasses the City of Richmond and the Townships of Richmond, Lenox, Casco, and Columbus.  To view a school district boundary map of Macomb County and Richmond Community Schools, CLICK HERE.

Questions?  For more information about registration, 
please contact Pam Dailey,
Community Liaison, PowerSchool and Pupil Account Coordinator
via email: pdailey@richmond.k12.mi.us
call (586) 727-3565 ext. 6011

Below you will find each individual form, and a short description, required to complete the registration process.

Enrollment Checklist (K-12)

To assist families with the enrollment process, Richmond Community Schools has created an Enrollment Checklist to facilitate the appropriate forms to be filled out as well as the appropriate documentation required.

    Enrollment Check List

Student Registration Information

    Student Registration Form 2020-2021

Virtual/Online Learning Agreement Form and Hot Spot use Agreement Form
Are you looking to have your student start live synchronous Virtual Learning?  You will need the following form:
Virtual Learning Agreement and Compact Form

Download the form, fill out, sign and  email the form or turn it into your schools office to start the process.

Hot Spot Agreement Form
Request a Hot Spot for internet access if you don't have internet at home, while your student is doing Virtual Learning.  You will need this form.  Fill out all available areas indicated, send via email or print and take to your schools office. 

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

    Heads Up to Parents: Know your Concussion ABC's

Home Language Survey

   Home Language Survey

Handbook Acknowledgement

    Handbook Acknowledgement

Required Immunizations
These charts provide guidance for parents about minimum required vaccinations a child must have to enter or remain in school.  Please consult your family doctor or Health Department for more information or questions you may have.

     Clinic and Waiver Ed Services and Vaccines Required 2020-2021
Varicella Disease (Chickenpox) Form
This form must be completed ONLY if a student has had varicella (chickenpox) disease.

 ​      MCHD Varicella Disease Form 2020-2021
4th - 12th Grade Parent/Guardian Parent Portal Agreement
This form must be completed for a parent/guardian to access our PowerSchool Parent PortalPowerSchool Parent Portal allows a parent to view students grades, attendance as well as communicate directly with their child's teacher.

    4th-12th PowerSchool Parent Portal Agreement

Student/Parent Educational Technology Acceptable Use & Safety Agreements

    Student/Parent Educational Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement

    2020-2021 Laptop Insurance Enrollment Form Updated

School-of-Choice Bus Stop
Are you a Schools of Choice family?  Richmond Community Schools has identified twelve (12) current bus stops where resident students can get on and off.  If you would like transportation, email Deb Dobbs, Transportation and Dispatch Coordinator, at ddobbs@Richmond.k12.mi.us, and request one of the following bus stops for your student(s):

#1 - 8185 St. Clair Highway, Casco 48064 (approximately St. Clair Highway and Hessen)
#2 - 8887 Gratiot, Columbus 48063 (Emil's Restaurant)
#3 - 23 Bauman Road, Columbus Township 48063 (St. Phillip Church)
#4 - 63917 Gratiot Avenue, Lenox 48050 (Lenox Township Hall/Macomb County Sheriff)
#5 - 25107 29 Mile Road, Lenox 48050 (Omo Zion United Methodist Church)
#6 - Corner of School Section Road and Wahl Street
#7 - Corner of Deland and Dalton Street, Richmond 48062
#8 - 30971 Amada Ridge Road, Richmond 48062 (Strikers Entertainment Center)
#9 - 75548 Memphis Ridge (Senior Center), Richmond Township, 48062
#10 - Corner of Wahl  and Weber Road
#11 - Corner of Bartel Road and Division
#12 - Corner of 30 Mile Road and North Avenue​
Indian Education Grant Consortium
Richmond Community Schools has a federal grant called The Indian Education Grant Consortium, which includes students from L'Anse Creuse, Chippewa Valley and New Haven schools.  This program will be available to eligible students in these four school districts.  If your child has a parent or grandparent that has American Indian ancestry, please complete the form and return it with your registration paperwork.

    Indian Education Grant Survey and Registration - updated 3-20
Kindergarten Age Waiver Request
Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, students entering kindergarten must be five (5) on or before September 1st.  If a students turns five (5) on or before December 1st, the parent/guardian may request their child attend kindergarten by completing the Kindergarten Age Waiver Request form.

    Kindergarten Age Waiver Request
Residency Verification
This form must be completed for families that are currently living with family or friends (e.g. often referred to as "Doubling-up").  The owner or renter of the home must be present when registering and completing this form.  Residency proof must also be provided by the owner or renter of the home as well as the family living with them.

    Residency Verification Form Updated 1-30-20
Authorization for Non-Prescribed Medication and Treatment for Grades 5th-12th
This form must be completed for any students, grade 5-12, to use non-prescribed medication or receive a non-prescribed treatment in school.  School district personnel shall not administer any medication or treatment without this form properly filled out by the parent/guardian.

    5th-12th Non-Prescribed Medication and Treatment Form

Pesticide Notification Advisory to Parents
Richmond Community Schools utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control pests. 

    Pesticide Notification Advisory Form
    This form only needs to be completed if you would like to be notified of additional
    pesticide applications in the District.

Do Not Photo/Video Form
Form to be used when requesting that your student not be included in any photographs or videos.

    Do Not Photo/Video Form
    Fill out the form and return it to your students school.

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