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Chris Rinehart, Director of Athletics, Facilities and School Safety

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2021-2022 Family Pass Information and Application

Student-Athlete Code-of Conduct
On August 29,2019 the Richmond Community Schools Board of Education approved the 2018-19 Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.  Click on the link below to review the document.

2019-2020 Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Athletic Participation Information
ALL Student-Athletes must have a completed FamilyID before participating. All registration information must be completed online. Click on the link below to begin the process. 

Richmond Family ID Registration
Family ID Registration Information Letter

The Physical Form should be turned into the coach, or the athletic office, and uploaded within your FamilyID under "Additional". 

In the Richmond Community Schools District, students participating in Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) sponsored sports at the middle and high school are required to pay a non-refundable, Pay-to-Participate fee of:

$150.00 per sport for high school sports.
$120 for students who qualify for Reduced Lunch.
$105 for students who qualify for Free Lunch.

$120.00* per sport for middle school sports.
$105* for middle school students who qualify for Reduced Lunch
$90* for middle school students who qualify for Free Lunch.

*Pay-to-Participate payments will only be accepted online through a Debit/Credit Card or Electronic Check from a checking account.  There is a $2.65 fee for each $100.00 charged to a Debit/Credit Card and a $1.00 fee for Electronic Check payments, per payment made.  These “convenience fees” are in addition to the District’s Pay-to-Participate fee and are not-reimbursable through the “Work-off” program.*

For families that do not have a valid Debit/Credit Card or a checking account, you may purchase a pre-loaded VISA or MasterCard at a local retail store, such as CVS, Kmart, or Kroger.

fees will only be collected via the e-Funds for Schools link.  The deadline to student-athletes Pay-to-Participate is as follow:

For FALL SPORTS, which includes Volleyball (7th and 8th Grade Girls); Sideline Cheer (7th and 8th Grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity); Cross Country; Equestrian; Football (8th Grade, Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity); Soccer (Boys Varsity); Tennis (Varsity Boys) and Volleyball (Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity), must be paid by the first game OR the Friday before Labor Day, whichever comes first, for High School and the Second Friday after Labor Day for Middle School.

For WINTER SPORTS, which includes Basketball (7th and 8th Grade Boys/Girls and Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity Boys/Girls); Bowling; Competitive Cheer (7th and 8th Grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity); and Wrestling (Varsity B and Varsity), must be paid by First Friday in December for Middle and High School.  For Middle School Competitive Cheer and Boys Basketball for 7th and 8th Grade, the Pay-to-Participate deadline is the Second Friday in February.

For SPRING SPORTS, which includes Baseball (Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity); Golf (Varsity Boys); Soccer (Varsity Girls); Softball (Junior Varsity and Varsity); Tennis (Varsity Girls); and Track (Middle School and High School Boys and Girls), must be paid by the second Friday in April for High School and the third Friday in April for Middle School.

Pay-to-Participate (e.g. e-Funds for Schools):
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For directions on how to register your students) online to paying Pay-to-Participate fees, click the following link: Directions for Online Pay-to-Participate Registration and Payment.pdf

Volunteer Opportunities
Parents/Guardians will continue to have an option to “work-off” their Pay-to-Participate fee by signing up for various volunteer positions, such as concessions, admissions, scoreboard operator, etc., through the Sign-up Genius link.  Each volunteer opportunity is worth at least one (1) credit or $15.00 reimbursement towards your child’s Pay-to-Participate fee.  The District will reimburse the following credits towards a Pay-to-Participate fees:

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Clock Operator - 1 credit per home game
Scorebook - 1 credit per game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Cross Country
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Clock - 1 credit per home game
Gate - 1 credit per home game
Chain Gang - 1 credit per home game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Clock - 1 credit per home game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Carpooling - 1 credit per game*


Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Timers - 1 credit per home game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Clock Operator - 1 credit per home game
Scorebook - 1 credit per game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Gate - 1 credit per home game
Clock Operator - 1 credit per home game
Carpooling - 1 credit per game*

Parents/Guardians will only be reimbursed, between the Athletic Boosters and the District, to a maximum of the total amount paid for their child or children’s Pay-to-Participate fee, as listed above.

“Work-off” must be completed within the season for which your child’s Pay-to-Participate fee was paid. Reimbursement will only be processed three (3) times a year, at the conclusion of the Fall Sports (e.g. November 30th), Winter Sports (e.g. April 1st) and Spring Sports (e.g. June 15th) seasons.

*Carpooling credit shall only be issued if bus transportation has been requested by the Director of Athletics, Facilities & School Safety AND due to a driver shortage, bus transportation by the District is not available.  A parent who drives a carpool must have their own student-athlete and at least one other student-athlete, not in the immediate family, in the car to be counted as a Carpool volunteer credit.

Click on the Sign-up Genius link for volunteer opportunities:

Sign Up Now!

The Wall Project

Click Here for Information on The Wall Project

Athletic Coaches Handbook
Click on the link below to review the document.

2020-21 Athletic Coaches Handbook.pdf

Schedule B Extra-curricular Salary Agreement

State and National Tournaments/Competitions
The Richmond Community Schools will assist clubs or teams that compete at the “highest level of competition” within their organization or sport, often referred to as “States” or even “Nationals”.

To qualify for financial assistance from the District, the coach or club sponsor must submit a proposed detailed budget of expenses, at least one (1) week prior to the event or competition, to the appropriate Dean of Student.  For a copy of the Proposed Budget form, see 4110AG under the the Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines.

On the proposed budget sheet, the coach or club sponsor must submit an "official roster" of students participating in the event/competition and the "official" coach, coaches, or sponsors attending the event.  The budget must also reflect how non reimbursable items will be paid.

District supported reimbursement expenses include:

Transportation.  100% of the transportation cost will be covered, so long as the transportation is provided by Richmond Community Schools.  For competitions out of State, the Dean of Students and Coach/Club Sponsor shall meet with the Superintendent to determine a fair rate.

Lodging.  If the event or competition location, according to MapQuest, is more than 90 miles away from Richmond Community Schools (35276 Division, Richmond, Michigan 48062), the event or competition qualifies for lodging reimbursement up to $100 per room, inclusive of all taxes and fees.

The District shall reimburse the difference between the cost of a standard room accommodation (two queen beds, 4 participants to a room) minus the hosting organization or MHSAA reimbursement for room(s).  Only competing students and Schedule B coaches/advisors on the official roster will be reimbursed for room fees.

If the hosting organization/MHSAA does not reimburse for hotel rooms, then the district shall pay up to $150 per room, inclusive of all taxes and fees, the lodging accommodations, so long as the event location is more than 90 miles away.

The number of nights to be reimbursed for lodging is as follows:
the night before the event begins, only if the official start time of the event occurs before noon;
--the night(s) of the event, only if the competition occurs over multiple days; and
the night after the event ends, only if the event officially ends after 5:00pm.

Food.  The District shall reimburse meals only for the competing students and coaches/advisors on the "Official Roster" for the event or competition.  Meal reimbursements may not be combined or carried over to cover additional costs of another meal.  The district shall reimburse up to:

$10.00 for breakfast
$12.00 for lunch
$15.00 for dinner

Once a budget has been established AND approved, a check will be cut to the actual vendor (preferred) or directly to the district-level organizer of the event.  All checks issued must be reconciled with the Business Office within seven (7) calendar days following the event.

Itemized receipts are required following the completion of the event to clear any advances.  Again, reimbursement is only for student and coaches/advisors on the official roster of the “State/National” Meet/Tournament or Competition.

If a group chooses to bring additional students or adults, the District shall not reimburse students or adults not on the official

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